Please allow to share with you about Sincere Food.
Established in 1998, Sincere Food has enjoyed a stellar development track record.

Sincere Food started out in Singapore UBI Industrial Estate as a Food Trading Business, supplying frozen Valued Food products and frozen Processed Seafood to Food Services (HoReCa).

In 2004, Sincere Food made its first overseas venture to Vietnam where Sincere Food Co., Ltd was established. Sincere Food Co., Ltd focused on dealing with the export of Seafood Raw Materials. Following the success of its overseas venture, Sincere Food managed to build a solid client base outside of Singapore and cemented its leading position within the Food Service industry.

In 2005, Sincere Food relocated to the Bedok North industrial estate and established Sincere Culinary Development, a subsidiary company responsible for Food Manufacturing and Research & Development. The establishment of Sincere Culinary Development was to support Sincere Food Development’s expansion plans for both the Domestic and Global markets.

In 2006, sensing a strong demand for Cold Water Seafood, Sincere Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd was established. In addition to addressing the strong demand for Cold Water Seafood, Sincere Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd also facilitated the Company’s pre-cut Seafood catering to our Clients in the Western Regions.

Moving forward to the early 2010s, Sincere Food (Singapore) entered into a Joint Venture with a partner in Guangdong (Southern China) to incorporate ShunDe Han Tong Food Co., Ltd. This Joint Venture allowed Sincere Food (Dalian) to have its premium products shipped to the South of China, as part of a supporting program for the sister Company. From 2010 to 2015, the Joint Venture successfully set up Sales Offices and Distribution Centres across Greater China.

Riding on the Group’s strong business growth, Sincere Food Investment embarked on other successful ventures across Asia, the EU, Canada & USA in the following years.

In 2017, in line with plans of developing the Company headquarters and with Capital investment from the Group, Sincere Food purchased a plot of Industrial Land in the Western part of Singapore. The new HQ was constructed with a design-build system, integrated production lines, and cold storage facilities. The project was completed in February 2020 with the TOP secured in the same month.

Sincere Food, like many other companies, still faces unprecedented and unpredictable challenges brought about by COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions. Given the persistent economic turbulence, it is a blessing that Sincere food remains strong and focused on our mission.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all past & current employees as well as Business partners, that have made significant contributions to Sincere Food Group over the past 25 years. Without their contributions, the Company will not be at its current success.

Once Again, a huge Thank You to All!

Last but not least, the Management believes that to accelerate the company’s growth, the periodic re-positioning of our business strategies should continue to be Sincere Food’s philosophy (Create a 3 Wins Triangle).

Sincere Food Group is immensely proud of the Company’s foot trail and will continue to strive to value-add to the Food Service Industry and beyond, in the years to come.

Chua Jason
CEO & Group Director
10 October 2022